Corteiz - Did They Really Sell a Rally Car?

Corteiz - Did They Really Sell a Rally Car?

When it comes to doing things differently, Corteiz, the UK streetwear legends, ain't ever been shy. These lot are known for their next-level marketing, always keeping the streets buzzin' before their drops. But this time, they've only gone and done something that's got everyone talking - they tried to sell a rally car for £46,000 right there on their website, and not a word about it beforehand. Mad, right? Stick with me, and I'll break it down for you.

Corteiz: The Kings of Unique Marketing

Corteiz don't play by the usual streetwear rules. Nah, they're all about creating an experience. Before every drop, they hit us with some proper interesting videos, getting the hype train rolling like no one else can.

Skepta Behind the Wheel: Watch the Video!

So, in their latest drop, Corteiz took things up a notch. They got Skepta, one of the biggest names in UK rap, to hop into a rally car on a legit rally track. The video's a madness, trust me - Skepta tearing it up on the track while reppin' Corteiz gear. Check the full video and see for yourself, it's a vibe.



The Shocking Twist: They Put the Car Up for Sale

But here's where they really threw us a curveball, fam. That same rally car Skepta was whippin'? Corteiz put it up for sale, right alongside their clothes, like it was no big deal. Forty-six grand, mate! A rally car for sale, just chillin' on their site without a fuss. It's the kind of move that's got everyone talking.

Sold, Sealed, Delivered: Someone Copped It!

Believe it or not, that rally car didn't just sit there gathering dust in the digital garage. Nah, it actually got snapped up, mate! Someone out there must be a proper die-hard Corteiz fan. It's a move that's got social media scene and car enthusiasts alike proper intrigued which was means Clint 419's stunt was successful.

Conclusion: Corteiz's Unconventional

In the world of streetwear, where the name of the game is creativity, Corteiz has proven once again they ain't playin' by the rules. Selling a rally car right alongside their clothing drops? That's the kind of bold move that sets them apart and keeps us all guessin' what they'll pull off next. If this is just a taste of what's to come, then Corteiz's future drops are gonna be straight fire, and you best believe south London's got its eyes on 'em.

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