How to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 4

How to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 4

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Nike, one of the world's largest companies, produces highly sought-after products such as Nike Tech Fleece, Air Force 1 trainers, and Jordan trainers. The popularity of these items has unfortunately led to an influx of replicas in the market. It's crucial to shop from a reliable store like No Sauce The Plug to ensure you're getting genuine products. Replicas come in varying degrees of quality, making it essential to know how to spot a fake pair. In this guide, we will explore key methods to authenticate Nike Air Jordan 4s.

1. Cheap Materials

Many replicas use low-quality materials that differ from the originals. These fake shoes tend to be lightweight, less sturdy, and have noticeable differences in material texture. When inspecting a pair of Jordan 4s, pay close attention to the quality of materials used, as authentic pairs are crafted with superior materials for durability and comfort.

2. The Tongue of the Shoe

Authentic Jordan 4s feature a padded tongue, providing extra cushioning and support. However, replica editions often skip the padding to reduce costs. This omission is usually easily noticeable and serves as a quick way to identify a fake pair. When examining the shoes, ensure that the tongue is adequately padded for authenticity.

3. The Netting on the Side of the Shoe

The distinctive cage/netting pattern found on the side of the Jordan 4 should run parallel to specific features on the shoe. This alignment is crucial to maintaining the shoe's design integrity. It's difficult to explain this in text, so we have included a video at the end of this blog to provide a visual demonstration of how to identify the correct netting pattern.

4. Logos

The Jordan Jumpman logo is a recognizable symbol of authenticity. However, fake pairs often have inconsistencies or inaccuracies in the logo's design. The extent of these differences may vary from one replica to another. To spot a fake, compare the Jumpman logo on the suspected pair to images of a genuine logo found on the internet. Pay close attention to details such as proportions, positioning, and overall quality of the logo.

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5. Backtab

The backtab on authentic Jordan 4s should effortlessly flick straight back up to its original position when pulled down. This functionality is achieved through precise design and the use of appropriate materials. In some replicas, the backtab may not perform this action due to different materials used or inferior craftsmanship. When examining the shoes, test the backtab's responsiveness to ensure its authenticity.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to spot fake Jordan 4s, it's important to remember that replicas can be convincing, especially to the untrained eye. To ensure your purchase of authentic Nike Air Jordan 4, trust in No Sauce The Plug for genuine products and an unparalleled shopping experience.

Watch this video for a visual guide on how to identify the correct netting pattern on the side of the shoe.

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