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The best budget friendly Air Jordan 4s from £280


Nike Air Jordan 4 shoes have long been revered for their iconic design and undeniable streetwear appeal. While these sneakers typically command high prices, a recent price drop has made them more accessible to sneaker enthusiasts, with options starting from £280. Let's explore the top five Nike Air Jordan 4s that offer both style and affordability, making them must-haves for sneakerheads on a budget.

Air Jordan 4 - Midnight Navy: £320+

A beloved classic, the Air Jordan 4 in Midnight Navy boasts a timeless white and navy color scheme that easily complements various outfits. Despite its popularity, this colorway remains reasonably priced, providing an excellent opportunity for sneaker enthusiasts to add a staple piece to their collection without breaking the bank.

Air Jordan 4 - Seafoam: £250+

Released exclusively in women's sizes, the Air Jordan 4 in Seafoam offers a delightful colorway perfect for summer styling. As the demand and prices for this edition are relatively lower, it presents an attractive option for female sneakerheads seeking a chic and wallet-friendly addition to their wardrobe.

Jordan 4 seafoam

Air Jordan 4 - Yellow Thunder: £280+

An unexpected inclusion on our list, the Air Jordan 4 in Yellow Thunder caused quite a stir upon its release. However, a generous drop by Nike has kept its resell prices in check for now. With its classic Jordan 4 colorway, sneakerheads can expect its value to rise over time, making it a savvy investment at its current price point.

Jordan 4 yellow thunder

Air Jordan 4 - Craft (Photon Dust): £300+

Underrated and underhyped, the Air Jordan 4 Craft in Photon Dust showcases a clean and neutral color palette that makes them incredibly versatile for styling. Surprisingly budget-friendly, these sneakers present an excellent opportunity to score a quality pair of Jordan 4s without the premium price tag.

Jordan 4 craft

Air Jordan 4 - Infrared: £330+

A true standout, the Air Jordan 4 in Infrared exudes undeniable appeal and is considered one of the best-looking Jordan 4s. With its versatile color combination, these sneakers seamlessly complement a wide range of outfits. Though their popularity could easily justify a higher price, sneaker enthusiasts can still find them at the mid to low £300 mark, making them an attractive deal.

Jordan 4 infrared


For sneaker enthusiasts on a budget, owning a pair of iconic Nike Air Jordan 4s has never been more attainable. The recent price drop has made these classic kicks available starting from £280, offering an excellent opportunity to elevate your sneaker game without breaking the bank. From the timeless Midnight Navy to the chic Seafoam and the underrated Photon Dust, there's a budget-friendly Jordan 4 to suit every style. Additionally, keep an eye on the Yellow Thunder and Infrared editions, as their prices are expected to rise with their growing popularity. Don't miss out on these incredible deals—grab your favorite pair before they're gone!