The Best Winter Jackets of 2023

The Best Winter Jackets of 2023

Winter's creeping in, and we've got the inside scoop on the nicest streetwear jackets to keep you warm and lookin' good. From Trapstar to Carsicko and high budget to low budget, this comprehensive guide will tell you what you need to know.


Puffer Game Strong - What makes a good puffer jacket?

A decent puffer ain't just a coat; it's a whole vibe – style, functionality, and comfort rolled into one. You want quality materials, designs that make a statement, and a fit that's pure you. So, buckle up as we dive deep into the top-tier jackets from the big dogs in the game.



Trapstar Decoded Puffer Jacket – the absolute don in the jacket game for Winter '23. Now, Trapstar ain't for the faint-hearted when it comes to pricing, ranging from £200 to £350. But mate, it's Trapstar, the icon of UK streetwear – you know you're repping the best. This jacket ain't just warm; it's a whole style statement. Just a heads up, though – it's got that cropped vibe, so don't be shy to size up for that extra steez.

trapstar decoded jacket



Nike Tech Fleece puffer - Taking inspo from the legendary Nike Tech Fleece tracksuit, this jacket's like a cozy hug. Now, it's not gonna keep you dry in a downpour, but, fam, it's proper comfy. Best believe, though, it's more of an autumn flex than a winter warrior. And yeah, it comes with a bit of a price tag, ringing in at a hefty £270. Stay snug, stay stylish, innit?

Nike tech fleece puffer jacket


Corteiz Hooded Bolo Jacket - This bad boy dropped for the first time in November 2023, and let me tell ya, it's been causing a proper frenzy. Sold out every blinkin' time it hit the streets, and you know why? Limited colors – they kept it exclusive, like your nan's secret recipe. Now, on the outside, it might look a bit lowkey, but that's where you're wrong, mate. Tiny deets scattered all over, like Easter eggs, innit? But here's the catch: it's a bit steep on the wallet, setting you back £260. But hey, quality comes at a cost, and this jacket's dripping in it.

corteiz hooded bolo jacket


North Face

North face Nupsy puffer - It's been riding high as one of the top dogs in the puffer game, but hold onto your wallet – prices shot up from £200 to a cheeky £350. Now, the design, dead simple, but some say the quality ain't living up to the hype. And get this, it's about as waterproof as a sieve, so not exactly the one for a proper British winter, eh? The hood, though, bit of a mad one. Doesn't quite fit the smooth look of the rest of the jacket. Bit of a head-scratcher, that.

nuptse north face 



The Syna Logo Puffer Jacket - Released very briefly on Black Friday but here's the thing – they ain't restocking the black. Proper madness, innit? Soon as it hit the site, bam, sold out! The Synaworld site got locked down tight. Teasers say a grey and black/teal one's in the pipeline. Trying to cop one at retail? Good luck, mate. Resell prices are most likely what you'll be paying at £300-£350. Quality's top-notch though, simple design with them tiny details that make it bang.

Synaworld logo jacket 



Benjart's been holding it down in the UK streetwear game for more than 15 years – proper OGs. They've been dropping jackets forever, but this year, they've gone next level. The Dual Phantom Puffer V2 is the real deal. It's practically flying off the shelves – nearly gone in all colours! The design's bold, making a statement on the streets. And get this, it's only £175, which is a proper steal compared to the rest of the jackets on the list.

benjart jacket 



Uniqlo Down puffer jacket - the budget shout on this winter jacket list. Now, it looks decent in pics, but truth be told, it ain't the best bang for your quid. There's a clear quality gap compared to the others here. If you're thinking long-term warmth and style, dropping a bit more dosh on another jacket from the lineup might be the smart move.

uniqlo puffer jacket 


Tax 3

Tax3 Puffer Jacket – First hit the scene in 2022, and people have been begging for it since. Finally got a few restocks by the end of 2023, and let me tell ya, it flew off the shelves like it was on fire. Had us thinking, "Is there more?" We got our hands on it for a proper look, and yeah, the quality's top-tier. The price at £200 is fair play for what you're getting.

 tax3 puffer jacket



Carsicko Logo Puffer - this jacket's a bit of a newbie, but it's blown up big time. You can't stroll down any London street without clocking it. Carsicko's been making serious moves in 2023, and every streetwear head in the UK's got their eyes on it. Priced at £200, but good luck snagging it for less than £300 on the resale. Trust me, with that bold Carsicko logo on the back, heads will be turning everywhere you go.

carsicko jacket