Who are Broken Planet? Everything you need to know

Who are Broken Planet? Everything you need to know

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Founded in 2020 by Lithuanian-born partners Lukas Žvikas and Indrė Narbutaitė, Broken Planet has rapidly become one of the biggest names in the global streetwear scene. By tapping into their inspirations from outer space and American hip-hop stars, Žvikas and Narbutaitė have now amassed over 300,000 customers worldwide and a million followers across their social media platforms. Being tapped in at No Sauce The Plug, when the UK based streetwear brand began to bring heat to the streetwear scene in 2020 we decided to scope into them further. Some of the biggest stars are now rocking Broken Planet with the likes of SZA, Ishowspeed and D Block Europe collaberating with the brand.


Over at No Sauce you know we appreciate good marketing and the team at Broken Planet have been able to create their own unique aesthetic that's made a big impact on streetwear culture. Broken Planet have made it a mission to create sustainable clothing and this extends to the brands packaging and how the business operates itself. The brand has been able to capitalise off 'drop culture' and keep the fans wanting more by limiting the the availability of their designs. When a sought after design drops on their website thousands of people try to cop and all the garms on gone in MINUTES. This keeps the people wanting more and the UK based streetwear brand has amassed over 700K followers on Instagram who are thirsty for information on the latest drops. 


Many streetwear fans admire Broken Planet for the unique way its garments fit the wearer. They offer the desirable boxy cut with ease, without looking overly baggy or ridiculous. Unlike many other streetwear brands out there, there’s no need to size down in Broken Planet. For most garments, the wearer can take their usual size for a comfortable fit, whilst keeping the boxy look that we all know and love. 

The iconic hoodies, T-shirts and sweatpants all generally follow a similar fit pattern but for a sizeguide on how each fits you can check our latest blog here.


To ensure the authenticity of your Broken Planet purchase, consider buying directly from their official website or trusted retailers. These sources guarantee the legitimacy of the product, sparing you from the risk of unknowingly buying a fake item. Spotting a fake Broken Planet item involves paying close attention to intricate details. Authentic pieces are crafted with precision, boasting fine stitching, even patterns, and flawless printing. In contrast, replicas may exhibit sloppy workmanship, mismatched logos, or faded prints. Inspect the garment carefully for any irregularities, as these can be telltale signs of a counterfeit product. Watch this breakdown below by No Sauce Bry on how to not get caught lacking when copping your pieces.